Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

I watched this after reading theipc’s excellent review (and after reading the 1500 emails asking if I’d seen it yet and…well, you get the point).  😉  That’s the first thing I want to say about this movie.  The second thing I want to say about Bloody Bloody Bible Camp is this (and by this, I’d like to share this exchange between myself and my roomie last night):

Me:  Okay, roomie, I will help put together your 200+ wedding invites BUT we are watching Bloody Bloody Bible Camp while we do it because I promised this dude I’d review it tomorrow.

Roomie:  Sure, sure, whatever.  I’m not going to be paying attention anyway.

Me:  (Starts movie….5 minutes pass)

Roomie:  Did you mean to put on porn?

Me:  It’s not porn!  I mean, yeah, Ron Jeremy’s in it, but it’s not porn!

5 minutes later

Roomie:  I am so offended by this movie.  I am so offended in so many ways by this film.  I can’t believe -oh my gosh, did her head just come off?  That was hilarious!  I am so offended.

So yeah, that was pretty much how it went.  She ended up leaving halfway through to walk the dog and upon her return immediately asked if it was over.  But I couldn’t help notice that while she was watching, she couldn’t look away…and THAT, friends, is exactly the type of movie this is.

I, unfortunately, cannot proclaim to love this film nearly as much as theipc.  That’s not to say I didn’t like it or I didn’t enjoy it because I did.  It just means I also had some big issues with it (and not of the “I’m offended by content” type).

So the story:  Wayyy back in 1977, a group of (and I quote) “young, horny, out of control Christians” are spending a super fun weekend at camp.  Unfortunately for them the weekend turns from super fun to super bloody when a killer nun comes along.  Next up is 1984 where, oddly enough, we have the exact same scenario and the exact same killer nun.

She knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness’ sakes!

The Good:

This is one hell of a bloody good time.  It’s non-stop blood (of the oh so fake and oh so cheesy and oh so good kind), non-stop sexy times and oh yeah, Ron Jeremy is Jesus.  C’mon.  You gotta admit that’s pretty groovy! Also killer NUN.  I mean, that alone is reason to watch this movie.  This is definitely a throw back to the drive in era of films and there are several nods to previous horror movies (or at the least, I took them as nods to previous films) such as Halloween and Friday the 13th. Overall, it’s a good clean fun time.

The Inbetween:

These are the parts that I’m torn on whether they worked for me or not, or whether I liked them or not.  1) The characters are the typical horror stereotypical types.  Jock, black guy, etc. and so forth.  But the characters here are SO much more of the stereotypes than the norm that I kind of wanted them all to die.  I can’t tell if that was the intention or not, to have everybody be so one note that you don’t root for anyone (I didn’t even root for the killer though).  There were only two characters I actually liked and that was mostly because of their interaction.  2)  There’s no plot.  Like seriously, there’s no plot other than camp + kids = killer.  Nothing happens in the entire film except bloodshed which is why I’m so torn.  Bloodshed, yay but no plot, boo.  I think.

The Bad:

The thing that most annoyed me was how the characters reacted to the killer.  They didn’t run away, they didn’t fight back, in fact, only one person really had a reaction other than “Oh dear, no”.  It almost felt like the movie was a so far gone satire.  It just didn’t work for me.  But maybe I was just missing something?  THEIPC??

So yeah, overall, the film didn’t totally work for me but there were several aspects that did and, as an actress, if this script had come my way, I totally would’ve auditioned.   So watch and enjoy and try not to take it as seriously as me.  😉

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  1. WHAT??? WHAT??? NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. I can’t accept these words. NO. NO. I reject this review. Please resubmit. Yours, THE IPC.

    • I’m sorry!!! 😦 😦 There was a lot of good here but there was also a lot of not so good. I love the concept but the execution I found lacking.

      • I think I figured it out! Here’s a direct quote from my site: “I have to say, you can’t take this seriously for even one second or you’ll miss the point.” That must be it! Your very last sentence up there – you took it too seriously! I went in to this knowing jack squat about it and loved it. You didn’t listen to me and were expecting too much. I just loved that it was absolutely nothing on purpose and the dialogue actually cracked me up constantly.

      • Okay, fair point. I did not listen to you. Although, I didn’t go into it expecting anything (well, pure awesome but still). There were definitely some good dialogue moments but I saw so many moments I would’ve changed in some way if only even a little bit.

      • Well – we’ll always have Blood Car 🙂 and Rubber 🙂 that we both loved.

      • True, true. And I’m sure there will be many, many others in the future. 🙂

  2. Hey, at least your roommate had her horizons expanded.

  3. Ron Jeremy as Jesus? I so want to buy a copy just to throw holy water on it and see what happens. But I don’t see how you can possibly go wrong with a killer nun.


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