The Terror Within

It’s fairly safe to say that I pretty much LOVED The Terror Within.  It’s amazingly cheesetastic (thank you 1989!) dystopia with a dash of fun.

The story starts with a group of people in a bunker – there’s only a handful because it seems most of humanity was wiped out by something only vaguely referenced as “the accident”.  There are other groups of people out there (one of the issues this group faces is that their radio contact goes out another bunker) but it’s not really explained why these people aren’t just living together in one big bunker society.  A couple of the group are out scavenging on the surface for food and supplies (living up top is a big NO NO!) and get attacked.  So of course another couple of people go out to find them and boy are they all careless and tra-la-la about the fact that at any given moment they could die due to the BIG BAD that is of yet only peripherally mentioned. Seriously, they’re laughing and joking and just enjoying being in the sunshine.  They KNOW that two of their peeps just died – what is wrong with these people?

Hey ma, look, no hands!

While out, they find a camp that’s pretty much been ripped to shreds along with the people that were in it (this totally puts a damper on their frolicking).  They also discover a survivor, a beautiful woman who is terrified of them and whatever’s after her.  They convince/kidnap her to take her back to Bunker Land all the while exclaiming over how neat it is they found her since people can’t live on the surface anymore.  Once back at BL, they run tests on her and care for her injuries only to find out that she’s PREGNANT!!!!  Seems pregnancy is a thing of the past also, that or just really rare.  But uh-oh…when they brought her in she was three months pregnant but now, 20 minutes later she’s six months pregnant!  *cue spooky evil music*  Wanna know why?  Because THIS is the daddy!

Hey baby…

WTF?  See this is why people have to live underground in Bunker Land.  These things (which are oddly and to me hilariously called “Gargoyles”) are a result of “the accident”.  Not sure what they were doing before but now they’re running around impregnating any woman they can get their hands…paws… get the idea…on.  NOT PRETTY.

What follows is a straight up Alien rip-off, complete with baby gargoyle ripping it’s way out of it’s mother’s stomach and a battle for survival within the confines of the bunker.  Who lives, who dies?  Can these people ever go up top again?  How can these things spawn interspecies’lly?  Is interspecies’lly a real word??

The best part?  There’s a second one!  Yay!!  It’s not on Netflix streaming so I haven’t watched it yet but I am very excited about this.  Full of nudity, blood and silliness, this is definitely a good way to pass the time!

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  1. I heart this blog. I have to finish something up and then I have a post coming out about a movie that YOU will love! I know you will, I know it I know it!

    • Thanks!! 🙂 And yay!! Cannot wait to read! Want to know what it is!!!!

      • It’s called BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP and it is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C

      • WHAT??????? You are SO making that up to get me all excited!! No way is that real. No freaking way! Excuse me, while I go cancel all my plans for the day to go find this movie and watch it!!!

      • I am totally NOT making this up. This thing is amazingly awesome!! I SO hope you can find it. I got it on iTunes.

      • You totally just made my day. No lie. It’s not on Netflix streaming but I bet it’s on Amazon if it’s on iTunes so I’ll check there. Thank you, thank you!!!

      • OMG you have to let me know what you think!! One of the things I had to finish up before I can go type away on this was finishing this up and this thing is incredible. I am totally buying this so I can watch it again – and often. If YOU don’t like this my brain will not be able to continue working. And you are SO welcome!!

      • Oh – and don’t be scared that Ron Jeremy is Jesus.

      • Ron Jeremy is Jesus?? This just gets better and better!! I am fairly certain there is NO way I will not like this. I am going to go check to see if your review is up yet!!

      • it is!

  2. The Terror Within…Within my pants muhahaha. Sorry.
    I’ll check this film out 😀

  3. As always another great write up!! Not a film that would be on my radar, but your reviews always make me smile 🙂

  4. Everyone in that trailer looks like a Ghostbuster. And then I saw some panties. If this is still on Netflix, I’m watching it tonight.

  5. Yep. One of Corman’s more (in)famous late-80s films. Seriously, how many ALIEN ripoffs has the guy produced?

  6. Yeah, I got this film on my Buy list! Haven’t seen it in a long time but remember enjoying the hell out of it – love the monster. In some ways the movie Feast, rips off this movie (what comes around goes around).

  7. Truly there is nothing as amazing as an 80s dystopian monster movie. Great review! If you want something quite similar (but where the monster more resembles a giant man ant) check out 1987’s Creepazoids. I think you’d like it 😉


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