Malice in Wonderland

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned here before but I LOVE “Alice in Wonderland”.  I’ve read both books, I have the annotated “Alice” and I’ve seen more movie versions of this story than the average human.  Malice in Wonderland is not one of my favorites.  While not completely horrible and actually rather fun, this version is beaten out by a Czechoslovakian version featuring dead puppets.  Just sayin’.

Starring Maggie Grace (“Lost”), this version of Alice goes to a more traditional dark place rather than the usual abstract.  Alice is in London and the movie starts with her running away (from what we’re not sure).  She gets hit by a cab whose driver agrees to drop her at the hospital after a nearby couple shout they saw him hit her (he wanted to leave her in the street, he’s in a big rush you see).  😉  Obviously, cabbie is the White Rabbit (here known as “Whitey”).  Instead of taking Alice to the hospital, he takes her to a boardwalk where he’s supposed to be picking up a “package”.  Here Alice runs into a gang of undesirables and from there she gets sucked into a seedy underworld of drugs, gangs and some version of the mafia.  Oh, and there’s a DJ that can stop time.

My super sexy DJ voice will save your life, little girl.

There are some fun moments here, like when Alice (who pops pills the entire movie) goes into a diner, takes a pill then wakes up looking like a punk rock version of Alice and ends up at the world’s most awkward tea party but there’s also a lot of boring (especially in the middle). Overall, the movie’s pretty trippy (though not as trippy as “Alice in Acidland”) but there’s lots of bits and pieces that are just a little bit off (the DJ makes more sense as the Mad Hatter rather than Chessie for example) and there’s the fact that the whole story becomes a plot device for Alice to find her long lost mother.  So yeah, this one is good for a rainy day.



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  1. Cinema Schminema – I just watched something else with this Maggie Grace person in it – and I feel like I hear her name all the time (not, you know, like voices in my head whispering to me all day) but on the TV or something. I didn’t think she was super swell in this thing I just watched… who is this person?

    • I am SO glad you clarified that it’s not voices in your head because I was a worried for a second. 😉 The only other thing I knew her from (and I had to double check imdb to make sure I was correct in my remembrance) is “Lost”. I know she’s in “Lockout” too.

      • That’s what I just watched – maybe I am thinking of someone else… Lockout was… notsogood….

      • That’s what I’ve heard/remember. I either saw it or I saw the trailer and that was enough – my memory’s hazy there…

      • I cant believe Guy Pearce did that movie… he must have had a hazy brain when he signed on for that…

  2. Hey there, caught your post on Malice, really have to agree with you. Someone asked me to rent it, watch it, and then discuss it with them. I actually had a hard go of it as the film just felt so uninspired and lackadaisical. I have my notes here somewhere. I guess it’s time I write that review so maybe we can compare notes. cheers->

    • YES, uninspired and lackadaisical are perfect words for this! You should absolutely write your review as I’d love to compare notes. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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