Fear Island

Fear Island, featuring Haylie Duff (mostly known as Hilary Duff’s sister), is basically little more than The Hole set on an island.  You guys remember my review of that one?  Basically all you have to do is replace “the hole” with “the island” and you have this movie, except I much preferred The Hole.

The movie starts with Jenna (Duff) in a hospital telling a  cop and psychiatrist why she is the only survivor of a massacre (sounding familiar, eh?).  The movie alternates between scenes of her in the hospital and what happened on the weekend getaway on a secluded island (hmm….I remember seeing Thora Birch do something like this….).  While The Hole was dark and at times disturbing (that Kiera Knightley vomiting scene was effed), Fear Island is more like a homicidal stroll in the park.  The death scenes are on par with Final Destination only a little less creative.  And there’s one death that’s just plain ridonkulous since it incorporates a snake jumping out of a cabinet.  Who just plants a snake and walks away?  What if the killer had forgotten which cabinet he/she stored the snake in and they were the one who opened it?  Silly homicidal maniac.

This baseball bat will totally hold the killer at bay!

So yeah, everybody dies and there’s a big secret and a toy monkey that keeps showing up and yada yada yada and then the ending is basically the same ending as The Hole.  Not much to see here but it didn’t make me want to tear my own eyes out either so…..

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  1. Whilst I haven’t seen this one, you forgot to mention the movie’s biggest drawing card: the ‘early 2000’s-esque teenagers in a triangle’ DVD cover. Between that and the Oscar-deserving acting skills of Haylie Duff, I simply don’t see how this can be anything but amazing.

    • *gasp* You’re right! I am a horrible movie blogger. ;( Wait, does 2009 count as the early 2000’s though? Cause that’s when this came out. And Haylie Duff is pretty awesome here. She’s at least on par with her performance in “Material Girls”.

      • Perhaps it’s been done as an homage to the early 2000s? This looks like the kind of artsy movie that’s all about references and deeper meanings and self-exploration. Glad to hear that Haylie Duff hasn’t let her immense fame go to her head and let her acting suffer as a result. Truly an actress for the ages.

      • Oh, sure, yes, definitely an homage then. Absolutely. Hmmm…..there are deeper meanings and references but I’m not so sure I would call it artsy….unless maybe you mean in the way that clowns are artsy? And Haylie Duff is a freaking ingenue, man.

  2. This sounds like it does not rule. I’ll pass on this grass. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


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