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It’s The Simple Things

I haven’t had time to watch anything for review but I have a really, really good reason.  What is it?  Only that after FOUR YEARS of waiting, I was finally able to have a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon with my former stepdaughter!!!!!  Seriously, I have been waiting since she was 8 for her to be old enough to watch Nightmare and she’s been just as eager.  She refused to watch them without me, even though she’s been old enough for at least four months now.  We watched Nightmare, Dream Warriors, and Dream Master (yeah, we totally skipped Freddy’s Revenge – I really didn’t think she’d like that one too much) and not to my surprise but much to my joy – she loved them!!  :)  So it was a very exciting weekend for me.  Even though we had a slumber party, we didn’t make it through them all so we’ll have another weekend soon for Dream Child, Freddy’s Dead and New Nightmare.  After that, I told her we have to watch the first Friday the 13th so she’ll have at least the most basic of understanding about Jason (she thinks Friday the 13th sounds totes lame, lol) before we watch Freddy vs. Jason (okay, not entirely necessarily but I’m determined she’s going to have the most proper of horror movie educations, dammit).  Then, we work our way up through other classics like The Exorcist and Living Dead and Evil Dead (although that one I think she’ll have to be a little older for that one…) before getting to things like Scream (I already made her watch Tucker and Dale vs. Evil with me and she liked it okay but she totally didn’t get that they were making fun of horror movies because she hasn’t SEEN those horror movies yet).  She’s also curious about Texas Chainsaw Massacre but is torn because she thinks it sounds a little lame too (I concur but it must be included because, well, you know).  Another horror movie classics you guys recommend for a 12 year old girl?  She isn’t extremely fond of gore but what was in the Nightmares was okay (it’ll be awhile before I work her up to any Asian flicks haha).  Plus there’s an annoying boy in her class that thinks he’s an expert on horror movies because he watched Cloverfield and Insidious – we’re out to take him down a notch….no, I swear, I’m a really good role model!!  Promise.  ;)

Things are getting less busy…well, sort of – on the work side anyway so more movie snark will be coming your way soon.  Also have only a couple more episodes of my web series to write (yay!) and if y’all are interested, there’s a 15 minute behind the scenes of the first episode floating around that I’ll be getting my hands on Saturday that I can post (I should warn you that I should NOT talk on camera unless I’m acting though…I talk A LOT.  My gosh…).

Kay, off to finish that work thing for now.  Laterz!


A Little Teaser…

Normally I don’t promote my Facebook page on here other than in the sidebar but the rough draft of the title sequence for “When the Lights Go Out” has been cut and unfortunately I couldn’t embed it here so I shared it on the Cinema Schminema Facebook page so if you’d like to have a look (it’s only 10 seconds long), head on OVER! :)

When the Lights Go Out (Behind the Scenes)

We filmed for 9 hours yesterday and got the first episode of “When the Lights Go Out” filmed!  It was a super long day and it was super cold but it was AMAZING.  My cast and crew are simply the best!  Here’s a few pics of behind the scenes and an unedited video.

What are we studying so intently???  You'll have to watch to find out... ;)

What are we studying so intently??? You’ll have to watch to find out… ;)

Director/cinematographer/sound girl/Gal Friday EXTRAORDINAIRE!!

Director/cinematographer/sound girl/Gal Friday EXTRAORDINAIRE!!





"Jordan", "Savvy" and "Tiffany"

“Jordan”, “Savvy” and “Tiffany”

"Harold" and "Tiffany" and the psychic hotline

“Harold” and “Tiffany” and the psychic hotline


When the lights go out 114




Coffee breaks are the BEST

Coffee breaks are the BEST

"Tiffany" recording her video diary.

“Tiffany” recording her video diary.

"Harold" interfering.

“Harold” interfering.

Ghosts are scary, y'all! ;)

Ghosts are scary, y’all! ;)

When the lights go out 053a


Since I didn’t have time yesterday, I’m watching something today and will post it late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Yay, Happy Monday, y’all!






No Review Today!

No review today because I could NOT find any movie I wanted to watch last night.  Not even “Transylmania” was doing it for me.  Weird.  And since I’m still recovering from bronchitis, I am exhausted.  So instead I am going to read as many blog posts as I can before I pass out again.

Big weekend coming up – Sunday we film the first episode of the web series I wrote.  I am superexcited and also kind of terrified, lol.  So worried it won’t work out the way I want it to and it will all be disastrous and then will come the mocking and the tomato throwing and oy…so maybe y’all could send some good vibes my way or something?  It’d be much appreciated!  :)

Catch y’all on Monday – hope everybody has a fabulous weekend!


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