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Happy Thankskilling!



Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! Hope it was super fabulous and delicious! As always, THANKSKILLING is an absolute *MUST* to follow up all that food, family, fun & dysfunction so ENJOY!


Wherein E. tells us about a neat upcoming indie film, gives a shout-out to The Rogue Runners and reveals the logo for his new production company! Sa-weet stuff! Get it while it’s hot!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Happy Sunday and a little contest break here! Recently, I’ve interacted with a couple of GREAT people (one I’ve known for a bit and one I just met) and we all have new projects we’re putting together that we thought we could try and help each other out on. For those of you Most Beloveds who look out here regularly, you know I’m working on a movie trailer to try and use as “content” on a crowdfunding site to help fund a full-run movie I am trying to make – and – for even longer term Most Beloveds, you know how I support Independent Film earnestly. So – working on actually making an Independent, I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of Good Things and see if you could somehow find a way to support them, whether it be monetary or not – maybe spreading the word. Obviously, as…

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Capital I

Capital I

Capital I, by director Amartya Bhattacharyya, is an intriguing mix of philosophy, psychology, physics, sexuality, reality, imagination…this film is an abstract work of art. Amartya is a 27 year old Indian filmmaker and this was a debut film shot on a shoestring budget – I gotta say I’m wicked impressed. Capital I involved a lot of artistic shots and a lot of beauty; a lot of creation. Pulling that off on their budget, I find amazing.

Synopsis – Capital I’ is a surreal fiction film dealing with an artist’s works where the artist himself doesn’t exist in reality. It is also an existential psychodrama revolving around said mysterious and unknown artist and depicts the transformation of mind of a young girl whereby she finds herself trapped in between realistic relationships and attractions and a strange relationship with her hallucinatory lesbian partner.’ If you’re like me, you just read that and went “What the hell?” But if you go and watch Capital I and come back and read this, it will not only make sense; it will make so much sense that you’ll see metaphorical layers.

I only do imaginary dating now too.

I only do imaginary dating now too.

Because that’s what watching this film is – seeing the metaphorical layers of life peeled back one by one. It’s having everything in life being simultaneously set right while being crushingly wrong. I don’t know whether to reference Alanis Morisette’s ouevre here or The Matrix…Piyali is a young grad student of psychology who becomes obsessed with a local happening wherein a house was found locked from within but with the occupant having vanished. All that was left behind were some drawings and poetry style scribblings. She and an old friend, who is also a physics professor, team up to solve the mystery but as they go deeper, Piyali discovers more about existence and reality than planned. Oh, and she’s the one with the hallucinatory lesbian lover (as one has).

Capital I is one of those films where every sentence spoken has meaning but since there’s so much dialogue and so much to catch, only a couple of things will be lines that you, yourself, hold onto. One of mine was when it was mentioned that “the air here is pure.”…”it’s because it’s not weighted down by dreams and memories.” (Insert heart emoticon because I swooned). It’s not just the words you’ll fall in love with though (side note: the dialogue switches between English and Odia, sometimes in the same sentence. I’m not sure if there was a deeper meaning to that as well?), but the cinematography and the scenery. There are close-ups of some amazing small creatures…blurred ambiances when it comes to sensitive material…symbolism galore…amazing use of color…Ugh, have I gushed enough yet??

Capital I

Seriously, this is a Must Watch, particularly if surrealism is your thing. I think this may be my first Indian film (Bollywood has never quite appealed)(also look at that – first Turkish film AND first Indian film posted about this week!) but if this is what’s coming out of India right now, I am SO there. Check out the Capital I website and go follow them on Facebook (then share their Facebook page with your friends and make yourself look uber cool and all sexy intelli!) You won’t be sorry!



Well, I and a whole buncha other people had a shit load of fun today over at the first Shitfest Social! We gathered together to watch “The Secret Village” and did a live commentary as we watched. Super fun and a great time was had by all! Swing on by and check out the comments to see how great (or horrible) this movie really was! :)

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In just a few short hours, I’ll be live commenting on this movie in the comments section of this post. I had a handful of people say that they’d join me so hopefully they’ll show up!! If not – I guess it’ll just be me! If nothing else – I guess that means more beer and pickles for me!! I hope you tune in! This could be good fun!


UPDATE: The big event starts in 6 minutes!!! And LUKEhas promised to dance The Cooch!!!!


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Carry and mine’s take on Shitfest Winter 2014 – George Biddle, CPA. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds!

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1) This video is hilarious!

2) Why would you two watch THIS????

3) It took me fucking forever to find a decent sized poster for this!

4) This was wonderful


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In honor of today, I re-present “Thankskilling” in all it’s cinematic glory! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat lots of food! Me? I’ll be with friends and since this is, for some reason, a big drinking holiday up here – well, if you see any blogging from me later, just ignore it. ;)

Cinema Schminema

It’s a day late but yesterday was a busy day so I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I present to you the cinematic masterpiece and the perfect Thanksgiving movie: Thankskilling!  Now this was the perfect movie for the day after Thanksgiving – epically stupid and epically funny and epically ridiculous.  Here in all its glory is the play by play recap!

  • This movie starts with a nipple shot – how on earth can it be bad?
  • Wait, did Pilgrim women not wear shirts?  Nobody ever told me they were nudists, dammit.
  • That turkey just said “Nice tits, bitch.”  I love this movie so much.
  • I am so naming my kids General Bastard and Wanda Lust.
  • Since when do kids get so excited about Thanksgiving they start ripping their clothes off?
  • He just referred to his bicep as a Weapon of Mass Destruction…
  • I’m fairly certain this is set…

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Shared some personal, true life ghost stories over on Written in Blood so head over and check them out! And if YOU have any ghost stories, send them in for Halloween Month! :)

We are moving right along with another contribution of a personal ghost story for the month of Hallow-tober, or Octo-ween if you prefer.

This one comes from Misty at Cinema Schinema:

My parents’ house, the house where I grew up, had a friendly (and mischievous) spirit in it.  Odd things would regularly occur such as footsteps on the stairs when no one was there or hearing someone say my voice when I was alone.  There were also times where as I walked down the hall to my room, the door would open on its own.  Stuff like that.  I eventually named the spirit “Harold”, and he/she/it kind of became part of the family.  Oh and Harold eventually took up playing the drums – after I left for college, my brother and parents told me that every night for like 15 minutes my brother’s drum set in the basement would…

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Giveaway: Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Anyone a fan of Brandon Sanderson? A friend is doing a giveaway on his blog – all you have to do is leave a comment saying what your fave Sanderson book is. I have no idea who Sanderson is but the book looks pretty cool so check it out! :)

Craft Books


::muppet arms, muppet arms, a thousand balloons popping at once, hyperventilation, oh god I’m going to pass out, I’m going to pass out::

Thanks to the ever kind Paperpack Princess, Nicole, I have an extra ARC of Steelheart that I would love to give away to one of you very fine readers! US and Canada only for now.


The only thing you have to do is this:

Comment below and tell me what your favorite Brandon Sanderson book is, and why.

That’s it. You don’t have to follow me, (though you can if you’d like), you don’t have to reblog me a thousand times (again, nice but only if you want to), and you don’t have to wash my car (though if you can get me a car, that’d be swell).

The contest will run for a week, and that night, October 3rd…

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My entry in Shitfest Fall Edition is here!! And I had a little help from a friend or two. ;)

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Here you go……..!!! (be careful, salty language inside this video) 

What just happened here?? BAM!

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My entry for Shitfest 2013? Shark Week starring a Kenny Rogers look-alike, a Stockard Channing wannabe and a whole bunch of poorly CGI’d sharks.

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

shitfest-2013 banner




Shark Week

As we all know, I watch a SHIT ton of movies that would be appropriate for SHITFEST 2013, so it was difficult to decide how to go about preparing my entry.  Take something old from my site?  Watch something terrible that I would never blog about on my site?  (Hey, it could happen!) Or just watch something entirely new that I wasn’t familiar with?  I decided to go with the last one and stumbled across the wonderfully titled Shark Week (we all know how I love my creature features!).  This is one of those shit-tacular movies I love to hate on because it seriously, at times, left me with a lack of words.  I’d like to say it was because I was watching on about 5 hours of sleep in 3 weeks while I worked on data entry but…

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